From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



Not Enough Talk

Today I woke reading the sad news of another celebrity suicide. That is two in the last few days and my heart hurts thinking about it. I watch the news and see many people mourning the loss of these people.... Continue Reading →

30 About Me’s

I didn't have much to write today. I wanted to write something to spot light National Suicide Prevention Week but I think I'm coming down with something so my brain isn't really working. So I decided to pull out of... Continue Reading →

The Dragon

The last three months the struggle's been real. I can sum it up to one thing or another but really it's been an accumulation of everything. Life and work. Work and life. Everything is going right yet everything is going... Continue Reading →

Start The Conversation

I know. I understand. The darkness can come so quick and out of no where. I know. I understand. And that is why, today, I stand before you asking to be aware of the significance of today. Today is World... Continue Reading →

A Heartfelt Prayer

I have only told one person this and as I lay my head down for much needed rest it happened again.  A Heartfelt Prayer Out of nowhere you come at me Such destruction at your wake It scares what strengths... Continue Reading →

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