Growing up there were a lot of things that I wanted to do. Be a movie star. Be a lawyer. Be a FBI Agent. Be in the WNBA. A series of actions took me from being ambitious to not really knowing what was left or right. Since high school I’ve dabbled in everything. Literally. I was in retail. A student. A janitor. In insurance. A legal assistant. A student again. A business owner. A customer service rep. Student once more. Again a business owner…well you get the picture. I kept looking for something that felt right.

No matter what I decided to do in my life I always had my “muse” cheering me on, wanting me to win and succeed. Everything I couldn’t do I found that I could because of him. It isn’t easy going through life just not knowing. Being alone and kind of wandering. However, the wandering gets so much easier when you have a muse, a person that will inspire you to do the things that you never dreamt possible.

Feeling down and out? Feeling like you’ve tried everything possible and you’re ready to give up? Well, find that supportive friend or confidant that will push you to be all that you can be. Find your cheerleading squad. Life doesn’t become perfect with someone cheering you on, but speaking from ten years of experience, life becomes worth it when someone cheers on your side.

Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Trying so many things in my life has taught me that no matter how many failures I’ve gathered, and I’ve seriously got baskets full of failure, my continued success comes from the fact that I continue to be excited and believe in myself because someone believes in me.

Find your success cheerleader. Heck, if you’re having trouble finding one, I’m here.