Your dreams do not have an expiration date. I know this because I believe this. You see I have always been a dreamer. Always wanting something that was out of reach. Maybe that’s why I’m so different from my family. Not that they aren’t dreamers. Or, that they don’t want something better in their life. Or, that they don’t reach and strive for things others believe they cannot obtain. Rather, I’m different because no matter how often my dreams fritter away into pixie dust, I always rose from the ashes to dream something bigger.

My dad once told me that he never had to worry about me because I could always take care of myself. I agree, I have this fierce independent streak in me that is a tad bit hard to knock down a few pegs. When he told me that I didn’t understand it. Sometimes, I still sit down and stare out into my makeshift backyard and wonder if it’s true. Sometimes I do wish that someone would coddle me and worry – which is my husbands cue to usually tell me that’s why he treats me as if I am a porcelain doll, but that’s another story to tell. Even then my dad was right. He didn’t need to worry about me because I’m a dreamer. And no matter what dream is at the forefront of my life, it never expires until I say it does. My current dream? I think I’ve shared it with y’all already. Traveler’s Story and Lee’s Café. I won’t deny that Lee’s Café is my baby. But, Traveler’s Story excites me too. It may be Bekah’s grand idea, her baby, her dream. But, I’m in it with her. I understand her dream. After all, after I read a good book I have a hard time coping with reality so I understand her need to share these stories with others. Either case, this is my dream. Our dream (and yes Jeremy, I include you in “our” since you have to put up with the countless hours she and I have already spent and will spend huddled on the sofa looking over numbers and figuring this out).

We spent last night doing that. Pouring hours into building our business plan and looking up costs for everything we will need. It’s so very daunting. The numbers continue to grow. I’m just glad my heart is in this. I know that in the end this will become something great. We’ve dubbed ourselves the dream team for good reason because we will get there and touch lives of so many people. I can’t wait. The cost is just the beginning of stressful times. But, it’s the beginning of something so meaningful, in so many ways. I have the courage to pursue this dream. I have the courage to dream it bigger. I have the courage to live this dream.

With all of that said, I invite you all to take a browse through our dream by visiting our website Rising Dawn Mgmt. We are walking you through the process as seen through the eyes of us. Sometimes it’ll be witty (a la Bekah) and sometimes it won’t be. But, the support no matter how it is given it greatly appreciated. After all is said and done, remember, your dreams don’t have an expiration date. They were given to you for a reason so believe in them. I’ll believe in them with you.