I have always been a dog person. There is something about a relationship with a dog and a human that is special. At least with my fur babies and me it is. 

I have two precious pups. Buster is my Jack Russell. Baxter is my coonhound. Together they complete our little family. 

I’m always astonished by their sensitivity to my emotions. For instance, I’ve had this fever that I just can’t kick. I’ve spent most of the day in bed in and out of sleep. Baxter cuddled next to me the whole day making sure I was ok. I jumped in the shower to see if that would help. Buster was in the bathroom with me. I called for my husband and Buster went to fetch him. My boys are always looking out for their mama. 

No matter what my puppies love me. I can work a 12 hour day and come home with them jumping on me and giving me kisses. They can get into something and make a mess and we have to have a conversation about their mistake and they still love me. They are the only ones that probably love me more than they love themselves. Many dogs have this thing about just being there and makes my entire life better. My snuggle monkeys. 

To man’s best friend, thank you for the kisses and hugs. Thank you for the tail wags and handshakes. Thank you for the paws in the face and the puppy eyes to get your way. Thank you especially for taking all the bad and making it good.