I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. I am not entirely sure how it all started. It wasn’t like it was a family tradition. My family, like with everything else, is eclectic on our football teams. For me my love of the Packers stems from not only the incredible players that represent the team but the idealisms of the team, its birth, and its legendary standards. My Packers are fan owned, actively a part of the community, and hold themselves to high standards in how they represent themselves and their team. And yes, I know there have been some issues with certain players this year and previously but lets be real, no one is perfect. With that said I love how the Packers Organization has established themselves as top notch and respected. They have created themselves to be leaders. 

Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we will have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. – Vince Lombardi

I talk about the Packers and how they represent themselves because I want to mirror my life as they have created their reputation. I don’t claim to be good but I want to do some good. I want to lead a movement of sorts. I don’t have a lot but I take what I have and push forward. I dig myself in the trenches and work as hard as anyone to hold myself to the high standards I have. The light I want to be is the person that others can look to to get them out of the dugout. To push them outside their comfort zones to be amazing. I want to be the type of person – the type of leader – that gives 110% to my team because I want them to give 100% back to me. Because I don’t have a lot to give, I give it all.

Every game I’ve ever played regardless if it was pre-season or Super Bowl, meant the same to me, and I laid it all on the line. – Brett Favre

It’s been a struggle to be a pack leader at work. I had almost given my manager my notice and walked away. I think my exact words were that I have pushed, clawed, and scratched through everything that has been thrown at me because I don’t want to let her down. I don’t like admitting I almost gave up. But, having gone through being thrown under the bus multiple times this week will do that. Being away from the culprit has given me enough clarity to know that I care far too much and that no matter what I do I can’t save them all. I can’t help someone who refuses to be helped. All I can do is work with what I have and focus on the end goal.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. – Vince Lombardi

I was asked to use my voice when I transferred to my current location. People knew it was going to be a rough ride and wanted to prepare me. I’ve learned these last eight months its not always about using your voice but acting on the integrity and hard work that you know you are capable of to be an example to those around you. I have worked more hours in this store than I have ever in the same span of time for any company I have been a part of. I have never asked once for my team to put in those kinds of hours because quite frankly it is my job to take care of them. My sole purpose is to lead by example.

I want to be a pack leader. I’m trying to be a pack leader. I hope beyond hope I’m living up to bleeding green and gold.

Words without action fall on deaf ears. – Aaron Rodgers