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In an effort to focus on the beauty of a strong woman every day for the next 12 days I’m going to write about why we should never apologize for being strong woman. Thanks LifeHack for giving me the idea. 

Day 1: Don’t hate me for my confidence.

I can’t tell you that I’m full of confidence every second of my day. But, I can tell you when I know my stuff, watch out. I learn things about everything going on around me to enable me to be a better professional. I learn the rules and how to bend them. I learn the people and how to mold them. I learn the professional me and how to push myself. By doing so I have found a voice in the company that usually doesn’t allow people in my position to be heard. By doing so I have been given additional responsibilities to allow myself the opportunity to grow. It’s all about knowing your niche and using it for your advantage.

On top of that, I’m continually being confidant in who I am. I may still struggle with my self-esteem. I may still struggle with feeling like I don’t deserve happiness and goodness in my life. But, none of that changes the fact that at the end of the day I’m doing me. I’m accepting everything I am, flaws and all, and continuing to mold me personally into someone that can make the world a better place. That is all that matters.

Find your confidence. You don’t know how important it is for a woman to be able to hold her head up high to all the sharks that are ready to tear her apart. Be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself. Love who you are and who is want to be. Love the learning and growing up process. And when you need a hand to help hold that confidence up, I’m right here.