Day 2: You know who you are and what you want in your life.

Strong women don’t become strong women by being timid or shy. They understand who they are and where they want their life to take them. Strong women take the bulls by the horn to steer the ride in the path they choose.

I make vision boards. I know that might sound silly to some but I do. These visions boards enable me to figure me out. To put into something tangible what I want. My current vision board has my perfect house plan, a penny to represent financial freedom, a check with my business name on it, my Tesla and some other minor things. Every now and then I add something on or take something off as I change my mind about what goals I want to accomplish. But my board is always there. It provides me something I can feel and touch. Again, something tangible to know what I want for my life.

I encourage you today to have something tangible that reminds you of what you want in life. It doesn’t have to be a vision board like me. Maybe a shirt that says something that reminds you of your life long goal. Maybe a quote board that motivates you to be someone. Maybe a pen that you received from your role model, that same role model you strive to be. Whatever it is, find something that allows you to be you. Something that makes you look at it and lift your head up high because that is who you are supposed to be, or that is who you are becoming.

Take the bull by the horns and hang on tight for the ride. You can steer him left or right, up or down, but you have the controls. You have found your you. You have found the you that you want to be. So, take aim, see the red, and ride. Be the strong woman that you are. Be comfortable knowing the type of woman you are and aspire to be.