Day 4: You’re passionate about your goals and dreams and determined and focused on getting there.

There are so many success stories out there about how men became determined, focused, and resolute about their goals and how they did all that they could to get there. For men, that is what makes them the high rollers and rock stars. There successfulness in climbing the ladder in their worlds is what got them to be the in demand lawyers, business men, doctors, actors that they are. But, for us woman?

Here is the thing, I am all of the above. I am determined. I am focused. I know what my goals and dreams are and I am incredibly passionate to reach them. I may not do everything humanely possible to reach my dreams because I still have morals and ethics, but I will do all that I justly can to make my dreams happen. To make my voice heard. To make my presence felt. That often gets translated as being a snarky bitch.

Ok, so I am feisty, stubborn, steadfast and will take the necessary risks to accomplish my goals. That doesn’t make me a bitch. Just because I don’t take no for an answer doesn’t make me something I’m not. In fact, when someone tells me I can’t do something you bet your bottom dollar I will do it, with pride as I stand at the finish line looking down at you saying don’t challenge me again. That is just who I am. I fight for what I believe in because if I don’t fight then my beliefs don’t really matter or aren’t heard. I also believe that I can do anything you (men included) can do better. In a general sense. You know, the whole competitiveness in me.

I can’t for sure say all of this makes me a strong woman. But, who I am – my never give in, fall nine times get up ten, stubborn like a mule attitude – has allowed me to accomplish everything I have accomplished in life. I have owned a business. I have moved up in a corporate world quickly. I am known in my company for the work that I do. I am recruited by old managers and coworkers. I have the work ethic of a horse. I am strong.

You don’t have to a bitch to be a strong woman. I promise I’m not completely a bitch. I love and protect and serve. But, I believe in myself enough that I believe that just because I don’t have male genitals doesn’t mean I can’t climb that ladder of success and be who I want to be. You shouldn’t back down to anyone either. You can accomplish more than you can ever hope to accomplish just by taking that first step and knowing what you want. You don’t necessarily have to know how to get there, just know that its there for the taking. I’ll help you however you need.