Day 3: I run like a girl because I am one.

I grew up in a family that enjoyed sports. I’m not sure if my dad played any sports but I know my mom played softball. From my understanding she was bad ass at it too. I mainly took up football and basketball. I dabbled in some other sports but none of them made me happier than basketball. Basketball gave me the control I needed in a time when life seemed crazy out of whack. It allowed me to focus my energies on something that I could be good at. I don’t know if I’m as good as I think I am. All I know is I’m in love with the sport.

Being a woman doesn’t mean I don’t like sports. Being a woman doesn’t mean I’ve never played sports. A woman can do anything she sets her mind to do, even if she runs like a girl. A strong woman? A strong woman knows that just because you’re of the female persuasion doesn’t mean you cannot be competitive in what you do. Ya, so your competitive edge includes a pink stapler, so what? You still have the edge.

Being a strong women also means that you like to win. It isn’t that you will be a do or die kind of individual. It doesn’t mean that you’ll do whatever it takes to be standing on the highest podium. No. Being a strong woman who likes to win simply means that you are are not abressive yet  aggressive enough to be a force to be reckoned with. Being a strong woman with the competitive edge means that you will fight for what you believe to be true in your heart. A strong woman has the spirt of a phoenix – always rising to the occasion, unwavering no matter how many times she falls. Most importantly a strong woman knows how to use all of their feminine characteristics to their advantage.

I may not be as strong as I would like. But by golly, I am a strong woman. I am a woman who likes to use dresses, high heels, do her hair, paint her nails, and on rare occasions actually put on makeup. And even still, I’m a woman who will go in the “trenches” to fight like any other person because I’m a strong woman.

I am woman. Hear me roar. 😉