Day 7: Your priorities are just that, your priorities.

Somewhere in one of my previous posts I talked about carving your own path. I talked about knowing the path that everyone else has traveled and be able to deter a bit from that path to create something unique of your own. That is what your own path in life should be. Listen, how you walk your path is your own prerogative. No one should be telling you how you live your life. They can advise you but that doesn’t mean you are required to listen.

Your priorities are set based on your passions, purpose, and priorities. Anyone can have an opinion on how your life is going. On how much time you spend working to better yourself, your life, your happiness. Someone will have an opinion about your next steps to get to where you want because they believe hey know what is best for you and how to have a better work/life balance. But guess what, it is still your game. It is still your goals. It is still your dreams. You can thank them for their input and keep on keeping on. You can continue to move forward to the sounds of your own music. You make your own lyrics, you make your own rhythms, you make your own sounds.

As a strong woman, understanding your priorities is imperative to get to where you need to be. You also need to understand its about believing that your priorities mean something. It may not match what others feel is important for you but it is still your own. You are loved if people are there trying to tell you to do one thing or another to better your priorities and your life. But, it is ultimately about your happiness. What will make you happy? That is all that matters. A strong woman will make sure to find her happy.