A friend told me a story today that hit a nerve. This is more a vent then some proverbial enlightenment. So bear with me.

Here is the background of my vent. A sales person is working on her sales goals and she is having trouble doing it. She turns to a counterpart and says, “I don’t know what I should work on.” To which her counterpart replied, “Suicide.” This woman went home early that day because of those negative comments. 

Okay, rant on.

First and foremost you cruel, malicious, unpleasant excuse for a man, how dare you take the actions of suicide lightly and mean it as a joke? You are an obnoxious and contemptible person to be so mean spirited and heartless. Ya, so this sales woman can be a handful and drive most of the store bonkers, but that isn’t just cause for your actions. Ya, she is loud and doesn’t think about what she says but two wrongs don’t make a bloody right!

You call yourself a man but all you are is a little boy trying to use his words to make up for the lack of balls that you have. What feelings would you have in your cold heartless heart if this woman did in fact commit suicide? You don’t know what she is going through. You couldn’t have known  if your comment would have sent her to actually do what you have suggested!

With your treatment of your counterpart you, my friend, are a poster boy of everything I hate in this world. The feelings of wanting to end ones life is no laughing matter. Trust me, I know from experience. It is a feeling of complete and utter darkness, immeasurable loneliness and insurmountable fear. Someone who is contemplating suicide is someone who needs help, someone who needs to be heard, someone who needs someone to take their hand and say it will be ok. Yes, you may have said it in jest, but again, you should not have said it lightly. Someone who is suicidal is teetering on the very real possibility of life and death.

Listen sir, this world doesn’t need any more bullies. You are a father of a beautiful boy who will be looking up to you. You need to set a better example. This world already has so many negativity. It is your job to protect him from people who use hateful words to be detrimental to people’s characters and lives. It is your job to protect your son from hate in general. Think before you react. Think before you speak. Think before anything. What if your son was old enough and heard what you said? Would you be embarrassed? Guilt ridden? You need to set an example for that little boy. Start off with an apology.