From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



Sticks and Stones

The adage sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me is the worst saying ever. While sticks and stones will most definitely hurt me it's the words that take the longest to heal.  I call... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you get the luxury in life to have everything fall at your feet. Not many people get to experience that, heck, I never have. But, it happens. For the ones like myself that don't have that luxury, we are always wondering when will we ever catch that break. So you know, those who just sit there waiting will continue to wait.


I'm sitting here today and there are so many things buzzing in my head. Today all I can think of is the word relapse. Mainly because I'm still battling this wretched cold. I thought I was getting better then this past Friday I went home throwing up and feverish. Talk about a relapse. This is probably one of the worst types of relapses, the dreaded your body feels so icky and you just want to get better but you can't feeling. #screwyoupneumonia

No More Bullies

A friend told me a story today that hit a nerve. This is more a vent then some proverbial enlightenment. So bear with me. Here is the background of my vent. A sales person is working on her sales goals... Continue Reading →

Right or Wrong

I remember growing up where it was safe. Bad things still happened but we could actually walk to school without the general fear of something happening. The kids could be home alone while our parents worked and it wasn't cause... Continue Reading →

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