My life is my message.

Did you know that Gandhi was a lawyer? Go figure. Anyway, he was so unhappy as a life of a lawyer he sought to remain devout in Hinduism – practice nonviolence, vegetarianism, alcohol and sexual abstinence, prayer and fasting with meditation. He used his life to portray his morals. He used his life to stand for what he believed in. Much like Jesus living his life and being the example that he was to show the world the life that we should have – one of service, love, and humility. Their lives were their message. Their followers saw it, believed it.

During the holidays and throughout the year, your life should be your message. Stand up to the causes you believe in. If you can’t find a cause believe me there are a lot out there. Here are a few of my favorite causes:

  1. Its On Us – recognizing, identifying, intervening and creating awareness on sexual assault
  2. I Am A Witness – antibullying campaign
  3. Resolve – improving the lives of those living with infertility
  4. Lupus Foundation – understanding and helping to cope with the disease
  5. Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation – understanding and helping to cope with the disease
  6. PCOS Foundation – understanding and helping to cope with the disease

These are just a few of the causes I have pledged to be a part of. I believe that God has put me on this earth to do good, to serve the masses out there who believe that they are alone with what they are going through. Whether it is during the holidays or throughout the year, find a cause and fight for it. If you believe it with all your heart that it will bring a positive change in your life and the lives of the people you come into contact with then be that message.

Your life should be your message too.