From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


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Then Tonight Happened

Lately I've been feeling that I have nothing to say. Well, nothing good to say. Or anything good to contribute. And then tonight happened. It's been mighty rough going back to work this week. It's as if everything lay stagnant,... Continue Reading →

A New Day

Blood red earth. Blackened skies. People crying out. Over the weekend tragedy once again struck as 50 people lost their lives over a senseless shooting. Over 50 more people were hurt because of inexplicable hate. In the beginning I read reports,... Continue Reading →

Redemption Arc

This past weekend I had the pleasure of having my two nephews with my husband and I. We shopped, laughed, played, slept, ate, hugged, swam, and ate some more. For the first time in a long time I found a... Continue Reading →


I have OCD. It isn't really bad but it isn't really mild either. If given the chance I'd probably like me to the character Martin of Sleeping With the Enemy - minus the whole if I can't have you no... Continue Reading →

Freedom Fighters Unite

When I worked at Ashley Furniture Homestore I devoted my life for that company. I worked hard, took whatever was given to me and powered through, and even sacrificed my well-being to promote sales and the company. It has been... Continue Reading →

Bucket Listing

I created a bucket list last year and kept it in my wallet. I didn't really tell anyone about it because it was so personal. Sometime between October and February I lost it. Sounds like something I would do. I... Continue Reading →

Love Yourself

Lately I've been sitting back trying to make sense of the world. Mostly the last few months. The third month of a brand new year is about to end and it appears this year will be a lot more colorful... Continue Reading →

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