First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

There will always be haters in this world no matter what you do. October 31st I had already started playing holiday music. I had haters. I started my job as the outcast, the girl that was too young to be the manager and didn’t know anything about the industry. I had haters. I assisted in opening up a new store knowing who I am and knowing the company but was met with a lot of negativity and “my way” thinking from others. It literally made my life a living hell. I had haters. I write because, while I may not be great at it, the writing gives me a sense of accomplishment but some may not like what I write. I have haters.

I’m telling you all of this because every time someone was negative about what I was doing I persevered. I pushed on. I fought through the negativity. I found my strength and I won. On Halloween I got people to start becoming excited about the holidays. I won. Being hired as the manager to older woman I found the team to make me great. I won. I opened the new store and now the only manager from opening left. I won. I am still writing about my feelings and everything that goes with it. I won.

During the holidays you will find the grinches and the scrooges. You will find the people who will cut you off on the road and show you the finger. You will have the bell ringer mumble under their breath about the amount of money you throw in that red tin. Let them hate. Go about your business and just share joy and kindness this season. Hold steady and fight for a better world one step at a time no matter how many times someone mocks you, or belittles you, or ridicules your excitement to elicit change. In the end, you will win. Be the change.