I got to do a good thing tonight. I helped a friend by offering to watch her two adorable kiddos while she took her husband to the doctor. It was an easy night because these kids are pretty darn well behaved. It is odd being called “ma’am” by a five and seven year old. It’s music to my ears to hear young children say please and thank you. Most of all, its so refreshing to see these two children, this sister and brother, love each other as much as they do. You can clearly see them being best friends throughout their life, protecting each other, holding endless conversations of laughter and sorrow, and always being there for the other.

The best part of the night, aside from burning microwavable popcorn because I clearly don’t know how to do it, was when K was going to bed. K, the seven year old sister, fell asleep on the sofa. B, the five year old brother, had gone to the bathroom while K had fallen asleep. As B returned to the living room he saw his sister asleep. He gently kissed her forehead and hugged her and whispered he loved her and good night. You know that feeling that you get when you see the cutest, fluffiest puppy that is just too adorable to ignore and your heart becomes full of warm and fuzzies? Yup, that happened.

I hope, when it is time that I am blessed with children, my children love each other the way K and B love each other. Their kindness toward each other astounded me, but it shouldn’t have because their mother is pretty amazing. But, to have my kids with the same kind of manners as K and B would make me proud. To have my children show kindness toward each other would warm my heart. To have my children love and miss me as they love and miss their parents would thrill me.

These children are pretty amazing. I am lucky tonight for them allowing me to spend the evening with them. The way these children held themselves reminded me of a verse I read so long ago that said whoever could humble themselves like little children would be the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. I was reminded of that scripture when K hugged me tonight thanking me for allowing them to be in my home while her dad gets taken care of. No, K, no. Thank you for reminding me how truly blessed life can be.