Dear Daddy,

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my life. I’ve been talking about this for years – finding a way to touch lives. We talked so many times about opening up the B&B and spinning it into a nonprofit. After you passed I gave up on my dream. A dear friend helped rekindle our dream and I’ve been looking for a way to honor you, honor my dream, honor life since.

Tomorrow I start a new chapter, Dad. I walked away from two years giving my all to my previous employer and taking care of the people there. I walked away from my loyalties and second family. I walked away from my dreams to excel in that company. I burnt the bridges to build new ones. To start this new chapter, to start new dreams.

Daddy, tomorrow I start a new chapter and I get to help change lives. I have shelved the B&B, the cafe, The Hummingbird House. Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my life. And, Dad, in this chapter I am fortunate to learn the back process of the nonprofit, the very process that will keep my dreams I have shelved standing. Tomorrow I will be able to show love to the unlovable. I am fortunate to touch the community in a way that I have always dreamed of. I begin to build the foundations of my dreams.

Tomorrow, Daddy, I’m scared because I start a new chapter. But, I shouldn’t be afraid because this new chapter will bring me one step closer to healing. Tomorrow, Dad, I take a step toward the grief of losing you and Jackson and getting the chance to share the love I had for you both. Tomorrow, in my new chapter, I meet the people that God has put in my life to help me make a difference in this world. And the only thing I wish was that you would get to share it with me.

I start a new chapter in my life tomorrow, Dad. I wish all of my loved ones could gather around my table tomorrow night to share in the fullness of my heart. I wish you were there. And Jackson. And Mom. And my best friend. And my sisters and brother. And Gramps. I wish you were all able to be there tomorrow night to share in my dreams.

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my life and I hope that I can honor your memory in the lives that I touch. I hope I can keep you alive and teach the little ones all that you taught me of food and music and life. I hope that I can believe my height as I honor the gifts God has given me and the memory of the man who helped me actualize and accept those gifts. Tomorrow as I start this new chapter in my life I will continue to put my faith in God as He strengthens me. And when I see the child smile and feel that tap on my shoulder, I know that will be you saying, “Proud of you Hun Girl.” And that, Dad, is when I know this new chapter will be worth the read.

I love you Daddy. Miss you too. Here’s to new beginnings and fulfilling our dreams.