I usually browse my Facebook two or three times a day. I like to see what’s going on with my family and friends. Occasionally I like to watch a crazy video or take a senseless quiz. While on FB yesterday there was a memory that said “The first step in getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t want.” I guess that was the theme for the day. 

I didn’t feel like working very hard yesterday so I took a break and went into my LinkedIn profile to get it updated. I made a few changes but wanted the chance to read what was going on in my life the last time I had signed on. Back then I was proud to be a part of my old company, puffing up what I did because I was proud of my position and accomplishments.

And then it dawned on me, my loyalty often keeps me in circumstances that aren’t necessarily healthy. For instance, I stayed at my old employer for numerous reasons. My boss was amazing and I didn’t want her to have to stress with replacing me. Those people for two years were my family and I couldn’t abondon my family. When my dad passed the VP had the travel coordinator purchase my ticket to say my goodbyes. I felt obligated to a company that I thought cared about me.

Yesterday I took pleasure in updating my profile to reflect my current employment and putting an end date on the person I was for two years. I took pleasure because I was able to look back and realize how much growth there was in both my personal and professional life these last two years. Heck, just the last year alone. I was encouraged.

I hope I find you well today and wish to pass on the encouragement. No matter what goes on – good or bad in your life – learn from it. Sometimes the circumstances aren’t favorable. Sometimes you want that door to be reopened. You’ll lose opportunities and people in your life. You’ll gain experience and friendships. Take it all in and allow it to build character and chisel the sharp edges of who you are. You’ll have people say you can’t do this or you can’t do that. Prove them wrong. You’ll have people who will extend olive branches to you along the way. Take hold of them and pick their brains. Whatever you do just be you and grow. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly there is always opportunity of growth. As intense as life seems at that very moment allow it to let you grow.

Happy Hump Day. xoxo