From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


May 2016

We Remember

When I sit and reflect about holidays like today I think of the one event in my life that impacted me the most. While there has been war and horrible events since then and so many other events before it,... Continue Reading →


I have OCD. It isn't really bad but it isn't really mild either. If given the chance I'd probably like me to the character Martin of Sleeping With the Enemy - minus the whole if I can't have you no... Continue Reading →

I Do, I Do Believe in Fairies

I was told that I have a childlike imagination. One that believes in Santa, fairies, unicorns and the like. It isn't that I really believe in all those things. As an adult I'm pretty certain I have a grasp on... Continue Reading →

All Life Matters

If you personally know me or if you follow my blog you know I haven't been secretive in regards to my battle with anxiety and depression. I used to. I used to see it as a disease, as something that... Continue Reading →

Song of Life

Have you ever found yourself listening to music and suddenly there is that one song that fits perfectly to your life? I think for everything big and bad that has happened in my life I can put a song to... Continue Reading →

Let Us Walk

A solid foundation is built by a strong use of brick and mortar. Today I was caught in how amazing it is to have a foundation of people who love me, support me, and encourage me to be all that... Continue Reading →


It has been a struggle this week. Nothing seems to want to fall in place. Rather, everything seems to be falling south. I needed encouragement today because I've been feeling overwhelmed and ready to just give in. I was reminded... Continue Reading →

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