A solid foundation is built by a strong use of brick and mortar. Today I was caught in how amazing it is to have a foundation of people who love me, support me, and encourage me to be all that I want to be.

I awoke this morning to this poem of encouragement. While it is personal I want to share it with you in hopes that you know your walk in life is never alone. Rather life is beautifully built with the brick and mortar of your support group and their love for you. With your support you can become anything you have always wanted to be. Let them be your cheerleaders and you go boldly into the universe. 

Some walks you have to take alone but this one you’re not.
Take my hand and walk along side me together we’ll learn what’s been taught.

Let me walk beside you and see the light shine in your eyes.
As you speak of the excitement of the possibilities that scatter the skies.
Let me walk beside you and hear the laughter in your heart,
As we watch the innocence of children, as we replicate the arts.
Let me walk beside you as we become colorful in words.
Your passion so evident of what you work towards. 

Some walks are lonesome but you’re far from abandoned.
Together we hop through the stars, never forsaken. 

Let me walk beside you and watch you smile at the sun.
Sharing memories of laughter, tears and our fun.
Let me walk beside you and delight in your love.
Facing together all the fears we are afraid of.
Let me walk beside you as our happy dance erupts.
Oh your innocence makes my love construct. 

Some walks are deserted but together we’ll stand,
To withhold all the beauty created by our hand. 

Let us walk together refreshed in love and hope.
Strengthened in prayer, balancing life’s tightrope.
Let us walk together our love on display.
We’ll conquer the world and keep the darkness at bay.
Let us walk together hand in hand as we go,
As life is so much better when we allow ourselves to grow. 

This walk is not lonely, deserted or dark
Because together through it all we get to leave our mark. 

Let us walk together. 

Happy Friday. xoxo