From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


June 2016

My Now

Dreams can come true, can't they? As a little child before jumping into the pool, or the lake, or the ocean you would cautiously feel for the temperature of the water. You would make sure it was a comfortable feeling... Continue Reading →

Out of the Box

It is the end of my adventure. Boise was fun. Lots of writing was done and on top of that I got to spend it with some awesome friends. As my vacation winds down I am excited. Thrilled. Very animated... Continue Reading →

A Single Tear

It goes to show that a heart will always want what a heart wants.¬†As I stood at the bank of the river I was reminded of the calming presence it portrays. I was reminded of the soothing sounds it sings.... Continue Reading →

Adventures of a Nut

Today I embark on a journey that I probably have been waiting my whole life for. I have dreamt of being good at writing since I was a wee kid. I have always enjoyed the activity. I have always wrote.... Continue Reading →

Loves Sunset

Darkness. It's like drowning but with no water. No matter how hard. No matter how fast. You are still a broken daughter. Heart. Shattered into tiny diamonds. Piece by piece. Sharp as knives. Left with the unnaturally, unwanted silence Mind... Continue Reading →

You Are Enough

This morning started off as a real struggle. I was glad to have had my office to myself as I spent much of the morning in tears. It felt like this morning everything had to hit. I've been having some... Continue Reading →

To The Fathers Of

To all the fathers out there. To the fathers of soldiers. To the fathers of teenagers. To the fathers of grown adults. To the fatherless. To the fathers of patience. To the fathers of laughter. To the fathers of hope.... Continue Reading →

City Burden

I have always watched you. This country girl on a hill watching you as you meet the cars with their honking horns. On a hill watching the sun set behind you as it shimmers the strength of your skyscrapers. Your... Continue Reading →

It Starts With A Sneeze

We will return with your show after these messages. Growing up that is the phrase I would often hear. Every Saturday without fail I would sit in front of the television with a bowl of cereal to watch my favorite... Continue Reading →

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