Have you ever found yourself listening to music and suddenly there is that one song that fits perfectly to your life? I think for everything big and bad that has happened in my life I can put a song to it. I read once that when you’re happy you enjoy the music. When you’re sad you understand the lyrics. I’ve always been a deep thinker so I’ve always understood the lyrics. It always stood out. I guess music, like books, always took me somewhere else. For instance, here are some of the songs, during parts of my life that the singer just understood, just knew, like they were speaking to me.

My first breakup – Don’t Speak (No Doubt)
My high school graduation – I’ll Be There For You (The Rembrandts)
My wedding – You Don’t Have To Bear Your Burdens Alone (Jessica King)
Leaving home – Get Out Of This Town (Carrie Underwood)
The loss of my dad – You Can Let Go (Crystal Shawanda)
Losing my son – Beam Me Up (P!nk)
Finding forgiveness for myself – As In Heaven (Elevation Worship)

For me life has always been a song. Or a plethora of songs taking me in and out of what life has to offer me.

While every song will eventually end the music never does. I don’t have to always listen to actual music to hear the music. Life is the music. Every day I am enraptured by the music that is around me. It isn’t just the fact that I have music in my office playing nonstop. It is the laughter of the finance team across the hall. The beeping of the microwave as everyone takes turns warming their food. The slide of the lock on our employee entrance. The jingles of my dogs as they run through the hallway. The whistling of bushes as Ash the Bunny and his friends visit my back yard. The crack of the pool balls as my husband tries to hustle yet another person. The pitter patter of raindrops on my sidewalk compliments of the Pacific Northwest. The sound of music is everywhere.

You don’t have to be a music person to hear the music. You don’t have to know how to sing  – I don’t know how to sing and I love music. Hell you don’t even have to know the exact words of a song, if it speaks to you let it speak. As long as you sing.

The song of life isn’t about always knowing exactly what the meaning is. It isn’t always about knowing the true words. I know someone who sings a Christmas song and instead of using the words “meek and mild” will sing Mickey Mouse. That is what life is. It is about living, enjoying what is right in front of you. It is about taking all the good, all the bad, and everything in between and singing about it. I know at times it is easier said then done, but look around you. There is beauty in what you see. Even in sadness. Listen to the music, listen to the crickets at night strumming their tune, or the coquis chattering about the eve. Listen to the stars sparkle as the fairies dust happiness on a sleeping child. Listen to the blooming of the flowers in your garden, the drumming of the neighbor’s teenager’s drum, the slapping of shoes on the sidewalk.

And once you hear the music? Just sing. You don’t know the words? Just sing.

Always just sing. xoxo