Record heat here in the PNW has everyone in pools, rivers, installing ACs, sitting near fans. And all I’ve done is sit in front of my computer, notebook, phone to write. The smoothness of my pen, the fluid strike of the keys has become lucid. To prove that, at the breaking of dawn fun erupted about the beauty of love.

I had a lot of fun writing this. This is not very motivational – or maybe it is. Who am I to judge what motivates others? I just know, being in a relationship isn’t easy. Love can be hard and demanding. Love can be sacrificing yourself. But, when two people who love each other to infinity and beyond are willing to sacrifice together, it makes all the difference in the world.


I want to show him the beauty
I want to show her love truly.
To provide encouragement and desire
How her smile and heart inspire.

To wake up in his arms each morning
To snuggle with her and ease my yearning
His first thought of the day.
To watch her as we pray.

Breakfast in bed
Her sexy bed head
Gardening throughout
Wash away her doubt

Words to energize before he leaves
My eyes hold comfort until she believes
A hug and sweet kisses to say goodbye.
Her struggles and emotions she can defy.

I want to laugh and cry listening
Her laugh so beautifully unlimiting
Caressing his arm in reckless flirtation.
Her stories an active imagination

Movie nights
Playful fights
Nightly star gazing
Passionate love making.

Excitement to push him to action
Her inner beauty is the attraction
To be all that he can be.
I’ll die trying to get her to see.

Holding his hand in the storms
Her personality a colorful art form
Singing and laughing in the rain.
Her love cannot be constrained.

Walks on the beach
Our native speech
Puppy wrestling
Heart swelling

His strength and his commitment
Her heart and passion resilient.
His love for me.
If only I can make her see.

For him his heart I belong
I’d stand beside her my lifelong
I give myself, filled with adulation
Her faith and character, such admiration.

Always together
Through stormy weather
Loving forever
Through each endeavor.

He has become mine
My heart defined.
I have become his.
Love is this.

Love the one you’re with. xoxo



Con tutto il mio cuore, la mia anima. Lascia che ti amo ora.