I needed to write in the early hours of the morning today. I had intended to write something of happiness. Something that would depict that no matter how rocky life got things would work out, because there are some nights I just need to hear that, see that, know that. And so I began to write.

I intended to write of the moon, and the man who lives there and his grand adventures. I intended to write about his view of the night’s sky, one of the most beautiful scenery God has created. But, this morning something deeper poured out.
Dear Man on the Moon
Share your wisdom
Explain the essence of life and love
Show me the symbolism.
I watch the night’s sky
And wish upon a star
But life will always go awry
Against the strum of my heart’s scar.
Dear Man on the Moon
Please tell me a secret.
Of babies lost to heavenly homes
This has become frequent.
Show me the aurora lights
And give me hope to go on.
Losing lives within hours
The darkness I am drawn.
Dear Man on the Moon
The planets encircle the sun
Like the familiar feelings
Of the cold barrel of the gun.
The wolf howls to your moon
As darkness advances
Twinkles of the stars
While lovers steal glances.
Dear Man on the Moon
Tell me a story
That ends in better regards
Then miscarriage and all its glory
Tell me a rhyme
To hide the loss of a soul
Of one who can offer half a heart
And another who can give a whole.
Dear Man on the Moon
What have you to say?
Of the intricacies of the human heart
That explores the betrayed
What promise can you share?
What secret will you keep?
To heal the wounds of the losses
As my heart weeps.