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Growing up that is the phrase I would often hear. Every Saturday without fail I would sit in front of the television with a bowl of cereal to watch my favorite cartoons. Smurfs. Snorks. Ducktales. Scooby Doo. Animaniacs. Jetsons. Gem and the Holigram. Pinky and the Brain. Gargoyles. Rugrats. Care Bears. Power Rangers. Basically my siblings and I watched everything. 

I used to watch these cartoons and be inspired. My imagination began to expand as I could see myself snorkeling in the ocean, helping fight against Gargamel, having a robot as a maid, fighting evil, or singing to my hearts content. It was a natural reaction to the fun of all those characters who made my weekend as a young one enjoyable.

As a wannabe writer I’ve been trying to expand my writing much the way I expanded my imagination as a child. To be able to naturally have my thoughts transposed onto paper to make people hope, dream, laugh, cry, imagine and fly. To be able to naturally sit in front of my computer and create something that can provide a creative outlet for my crazy, quirky self and yet still help support my family. As I adventure through these stages I am fortunate enough to have people in my life who want me to share my laughter and heart with the world. People in my life who believe I have a wealth of knowledge to help change the world. People in my life who believe I am talented enough to become all that I have dreamed of being. All of these people who believe I am a natural writer. While I may not share their beliefs I do enjoy the writing inspired gifts that they give me.

My latest gift? A notebook of 300 writing prompts that let me get my writing juices flowing especially on days when I feel I don’t have anything worthwhile to say. I randomly flip a page and choose a prompt and wanted to share with y’all something that is out of the box for me. Like it. Don’t like it. Honestly, after this horrid first half of the week I’m just writing to get better. To be as naturally great at writing like Jane Austen, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Francine Rivers, William Shakespeare. The prompt was to describe (in a creative way) how you feel when you have a head cold.

It starts with a sneeze.
“No,” you say, “this can’t be.
“There is work to be done.
This can’t be happening to me.”
Your eyes start to itch and water
There is a tickle in your throat.
You are completely in denial
As you throw on an undercoat.
You pop and swallow some ibuprofen
As your head begins to become foggy.
You can’t taste any of your yummies.
And your speach sounds like a sad froggy.
Your nose begins to run away
Your head feels as airy as a balloon.
Your eyes are now heavy
You’re actually swallowing medicine from a spoon?
Your ears have become plugged
Like you’ve gone deep sea fishing.
Your sad, lonely partner sleeps on the couch
Forget about the fun of kissing.
No fever is present
Just the pounding pain in your head.
The medicine isn’t working
Your bum is stuck in bed.
It started with a sneeze
And a state of denial.
Dang that stupid head cold
That has now become viral.

Moral of the story? Don’t be stubborn. xoxo