From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


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Parenting 201

Last year was a busy summer for me. I had to be in charge of three growing kids and was able to figure out the do's and don't's here. While my niece and nephews gave me a run for my... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Dreams

Can you believe that the 2017 year is over? Within hours the finality of this crazy year will happen. At this time last year I was ready to take the world on. I was excited for the opportunities ahead. I... Continue Reading →


I am not a mother to a breathing child. I do not know what it's likes to be a mother to my own child. But, here's the thing. I love like a mother. I think like a mother. I speak like... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to a Spouse

I don't claim to be the best spouse. I have my good days and bad days. What I do know is, no matter what has happened in the past, my future is not a future without my husband. I would... Continue Reading →

A Dog Bite

How goes your week? My week didn't start out cosi grande. There was a heaviness to my Monday. The office seemed a little on edge. It was a rough Monday for me because I lost a file that needed to get... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Day 10/10/16

Last year I wrote an open letter to the loved ones of the depressed and anxious. On a day like today I want to do everything I can to help and so here I am again. It has been a... Continue Reading →

It Starts With A Sneeze

We will return with your show after these messages. Growing up that is the phrase I would often hear. Every Saturday without fail I would sit in front of the television with a bowl of cereal to watch my favorite... Continue Reading →

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