From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


August 2016

World of Pure Imagination

The world was saddened yesterday when news of Gene Wilder passing from complications of Alzheimer's hit. I wrote this poem a while back when moon was a daily prompt. I didn't feel like it was the right time to post... Continue Reading →

Uprooted and Transplanted

I've never had a green thumb. I've always wanted to be an amazing gardener because my mama was. I used to love watching her garden when she babysat me as mom and dad were off working. I can remember how... Continue Reading →


Wanna go to bunco night? What? Huh? What? I guess I'm really sheltered. Or a big introvert. Or a total nerd for being totally out of the loop on this game. But, bunco. I was invited out for a girls'... Continue Reading →

My Personal Pandora’s Box

It hits at the most inopportune time. Before you go to bed after a long laborious day at work. As your feet hits the docks on your way for a boat ride. Descending the stairs to the pebbled beach. As... Continue Reading →

Dear Past

Dear Past How are you? I know we talk often enough but lately I've been wondering about it more. Have you found a way yet? What is it like to be where you are? To see what you see? To... Continue Reading →


I grew up hating my name. Well, names. My first name, middle name, last name, nickname. I was teased by other kids a lot because of them. Years ago my mom and dad gave me a Hawaiian gold bracelet that had... Continue Reading →

Portland’s Spray Paint Artist

Portland is an amazing place to be a part of. There are so many weekend events that bring the community together. My husband and I have been making it a habit to be a part of the community, if only to... Continue Reading →

The Finals

This is the last day of my July blog blast and it has been a ride. So many things have happened in the last 30 days. Lots of travel was done. Got to have first time experiences. Became the tannest... Continue Reading →

The Sun

Dear Mr. Sun, I almost didn't go out to see you today. Almost. It was hard to go today only because change is not my forte. But, you see, sir, I miss the sunshine. I felt your rays beating on my... Continue Reading →

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