It’s summer and yet the weather has been a bit fickle. Some days its incredibly hot out. Other days there is a nip in the wind. There is a dryness in the sky. And a wetness in the clouds. Summer can’t make up its mind whether it needs to be filled with sun or with rain. I suppose that is indicative of the Pacific Northwest.

Today was a prime example. I headed to a farmers market that I love to frequent as it was hosting a Renaissance Festival. I am in love with that era so I just had to go. Donned in jackets my friend and I headed to the festival only to take our jackets off as we left the car. By the time we reached the market we were chilled. The sun would peak between clouds before it finally to show its face.

Oh, to live in the PNW.

As the sun beat on my shoulder a poem started to rise. Or at least the idea of one. It wasn’t until we met four women who ran the Spartan Race did I knew I needed to do something different just as they did with my poem. So, if it sucks (love you Luga for saying it doesn’t) sorry not sorry.

Rising Sun

Mr Sun, have you any rays?
To lighten up the darkness
On these windy summer days?

They say you heat the earth
Give life to the living
What is the cost? Is it of worth?
You are stubborn like I
Giving sunshine where it’s not due
Wanting to be the ally.

When you beat on my skin
You give warmth to my world
Where the shadows have been

How do you do it?
Your potency of your pull
Brings the stars to befit
You are fire to the touch
Burning bright in the sky
A star like you nonesuch

Teach me, give me your courage
Remind me like you I can stand
That I can flourish

You stand tall at the center
Of a vast universe
With a many tormentor
Yet your bullies of doubt
Get beaten in your path
Your brilliance a stand out

I watch with astonished surprise
You the light of the moon
Nothing stops your ever rise.

Summer is soon to end Mr. Sun. I just ask for at least another week of beautiful weather. Vacation is calling, continue to rise.

Happy Weekend all. xoxo