This is easy to share today because it is the first of two poems that has been eye-opening these last two days. It may not be great, or even good, but it has impressed on my heart how lucky I am to know that I have this life. That I have a life I can share it with my husband who has never left me even when he should have. Our lives have not been easy. We have had separate paths that taught us to be who we were before we met. 

When we met we created a path that had intertwined and swirled together. Every movement we made we made together creating a path that was so uniquely our own. Somehow that changed as life became so busy we both stopped courting the other. As we both stopped to continue to learn about each other. As we both stopped to grow as one.

As the year of forgiveness and second chances comes to an end I am happy and excited to see what life has in store for us as one. We are finally finding our footing, learning from each other and about each other. We are thinking together, thinking of each other, doing thoughtful acts. I cannot fathom what my life would be like had I not made the right decision and chose to fight. How stupid was I to believe that there was a different path to choose. He has always been my best friend and somewhere between the what ifs and could have beens I forgot to see that.

To Be Your Wife

I lie here snuggled next to you.
I listen to the low hums of your breathing.
I watch as your chest rises and falls.
I wonder what it is that you’re dreaming.

I replay the day and all that we did.
I see you smiling and so at ease.
Then it hits me how I’ve fallen in love
How you’ve found a way to weaken my knees.

I realized as I stopped doubting and trying
To figure out how to do it again
That the love we shared would blossom
Gods grace is sufficient. (Amen)

I watched you today as you smiled and laughed
And felt my heart flutter in glee
How could I doubt this would happen again?
That the strength of our love wouldn’t be

I slowly put my hand over your heart
As I feel the rhythm of its beats
I caress your cheek and follow your jaw
To the place where are lips meet.

We struggled for so long to get here
We fought on opposite tracks.
When we took the time to run together
We defeated the many drawbacks.

I entangled my fingers in yours
I can feel your hold tighten
I wish you were up so I could tell you
How our love for each other has heightened.

In your sleep you now turn to me
You pull me closer, near to you.
I am engulfed by your strong arms
Feeling the warmth of your love through and through.

I still my beating heart to hear yours
As I feel it rhythmically beat to mine
Thump, thump, thump in unison.
Our love the work of God’s design.

I close my eyes as I continue to listen
How calming you’ve been in my life.
This is where I belong, in your arms
How blessed am I to be your wife.

To new beginnings, second chances. To forgiveness. xoxo