My dad loved to cook. And bake. And really create. I’d like to say he got it from his mom, my mama. She was a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. My dad followed in her path. None of us kids really took up the reigns from my dad. We all like to spend time in the kitchen but it’s different somehow. 

What seems like many moons ago I wanted to open up a cafè in honor of my dad. Truth be told it was a bad idea because I never really took the time to think it through instead I went straight into planning. While I love being in the kitchen I couldn’t do it for a living. Eventually because of life that dream died. But my need to keep the memories alive of my dad, my mama, and really the best times as a family pressed on.

So here I am.

Every Saturday-ish I’m gonna bring you something a created in the kitchen. A step by step tutorial of how to create the great meals from the recipes I’ve always wanted to try. They’ll be dinners, breakfasts, snacks and everything in between. Anything food related is fair game.

Here is a cautionary tale for all who wants to enter: I’m not the best cook. I often change things because well, because I can. Or I’m super confident in making something and it looks like a two year old would have been more successful. I’m not holding back. I’ll post the triumphs and fails. If you try a recipe because it looks good share it with me! Or tell me what I can do better. Open forum. Just no hate, ok?

Welcome to Kitchen Nightmares where I try to feed my need to create. I have a feeling my kitchen will become disastrous, my tummy will be full, or pictures of failure will surface.

Cheers to something new. xoxo