Four seasons. All with its good and bad. What is your favorite?

Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons. Yes, I realize there is only four and I’m staking claim to more than one but how do you honestly just choose one? I may like half of the seasons but with good reason.

Spring is probably my all time favorite because for me it reminds me of a renewing. It is the time of year when the dead things come alive again. It is the time of year where what is stunted suddenly grows into massively beautiful oak treas. It is when you see little critters and feathered friends scour the world with new life. Spring reminds me of the second chance God has given me with my life. It reminds me of how with His love, grace and mercy, I become new too. A renewing. God’s promise to me that it is okay.

Then there is fall. Or autumn. Or the harvest season. Whatever you call it it is.

For me Fall is the season of jeans and hoodies. Where I can jump in the puddles with my generic uggs and still having my toes toasty inside. Fall brings cuddle up time in a blanket on your patio with the love of your life, or a book, or even better hot piping hot cocoa. This time of year the air is crisp and smells cleaner in a sense. The evergreens start to travel through the air promising holiday cheer. America’s past time starts during the fall (Go Pack Go!), green leaves turn into pretty leaves, and coffee dates with friends that last for hours because no one wants to leave the warmth inside happens. It is the time for raging fire pits and roasted marshmallows with or without the smores.

I didn’t know that the day I started my blog four years ago is also the first day of Fall. I guess that is fitting. If I have learned anything from this year and all the falls before this is that the trees show us how beautiful it is to let the dead things go. In a sense, my entire blog was meant for that exactly. To refine the jagged edges of life, to let go and let God, to be made new into the person you were always meant to be.

I have a lot of hang ups. Some I share with the world, a lot is only shared with my dear husband. But, like the spring where I feel renewed with the promise of another blessed day, the fall promises me something as well. It promises me that I am strong and able to let all the bad things go. That the things in my life that aren’t meant to be there are meant to leave.

As I sit and watch the green trees in my backyard change to yellow, red and orange I am reminded that when I let go and let the things that are meant to die die in my life it is then that I can be made new. As I watch the squirrels and chipmunks scurry around preparing for their winter I am reminded that God controls everything and I merely need to put my faith in Him. As the world begins to slumber around me I am excited because I, too, am allowing what should fall from my life to fall and boy I can’t wait for the harvest.

Cheers to starting over. xoxo