Portland finally snowed. Big chunks of flakes floated across the sky this morning and it put me in the happiest of moods. While the flakes vanished as soon as it hit the pavement it snowed long enough to get the child in me out with excitement. When I say child in me, no joke, child in me. This morning I awoke to the promise of snow from my weather app. I jumped out of bed only to be disappointed. When I was told at work it was snowing, I flew what was in my hand and ran to the nearest window.

I don’t know what it is about snow. I think of happier times in Seattle growing up. Our first snow fall after moving from Hawaii I can remember running out without snow proof clothing to feel the excitement. I remember coming home after delivering newspapers getting to soak in a hot bath. I remember my first snow angel, snow man, and snowball. I remember Christmases in Spokane. Or, when Santa came in a big beer (I think) truck delivering Christmas cheer to my siblings and I. Heck even our friends, Chris and James, received gifts from Santa that year.

Today was a rough day. I had major Monday blues as I froze clinging to the dolly I wheeled downstairs from my office to throw unwanted boxes away and later to box what was in my trunk to bring upstairs. I was pelted by hail boxing all those decorations it. Man, it wasn’t pretty. Things just didn’t work out from there. I didn’t have the tools to hang pictures in the office. I purchased the wrong tools to hang pictures in the office. I spilled my coffee down my jeans (thank goodness it was black). I was delivered the wrong furniture…again. The car rental tried to charge an old credit card…again, after I spent an hour last week on the phone with them to fix it. I missed three meetings because my Outlook reminders weren’t working today and I didn’t realize it until 3p.

No matter what was thrown my way today, no matter how much Monday wanted me blue, I thought about those massive flakes falling to the ground. I clung to that vision in my head, pushing me to make it through today. I clung to the excitement that I’d get to tell the blogging world snow finally made it here in Portland. Even my hunger pains couldn’t deter me from the happiness of snow. I wish I could explain it – I mean, I should be able to find words if I truly consider myself a writer. All I can say is, there is something about snow that makes things right. Something about snow that makes Christmas feel even more real. Innocence maybe?

I got it.

Watching snow cover the ground is like watching one world change into another. It is something magical. Something dreary into something pure. You get to watch the butterflies of winter make its way to the ground with joyous enchantment. You get to be kissed by Heaven with each unique snowflake that graces your cheek. Oh, the beauty. Snow, snow just makes life beautiful.

La vita e bella. xoxo