From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


November 2016

Teardrop Storyteller

My body has become accustomed to waking up at 4a. This morning it told me I had to go to the bathroom and it wasn't willing to wait. I tried for a few minutes to refuse its relief but realized... Continue Reading →

32 Thankfuls

It is almost cliché to have a list of things you are thankful for around this time of year. For the past few years on social media people will declare what they are thankful for everyday in the month of... Continue Reading →

Night’s Aftermath

I can't sleep. Again. I've been up since 1a and I know today will drag because of it. I don't know if it is because of the anticipation of the holiday or my subconscious is trying to say something again.... Continue Reading →

Even The Little Things

This pass summer when everything was black I didn't think I was going to find my way out of it. I had an amazing Mother's Day Weekend and then the world tumbled, no, my world avalanched downhill after that. Someone... Continue Reading →

Deja Vu

I was awakened by a dream last night. I have been up since 4a and wrote this poem based off my dream. It's fitting. Deja Vu  I sat there like I had months before Listening to the song play Wondering,... Continue Reading →

Broken But Healed

The holiday season is in full swing. And this year feels a little different then the last two years. There is something in the air. Something new. Something good. Something right. The other night I woke up startled from a dream so I jumped... Continue Reading →

Take Time To Rest

Society sets a standard that if you aren't busy you aren't successful. If you aren't going after it you aren't "the man." I never really thought I lived my life with that mentality. But, after staying home all week last week... Continue Reading →

Our America

I'm scared too. I watch the news, scroll through the news feeds on social media and my heart is heavy. It isn't necessarily heavy because of who America has chosen as their President-elect. But, of how America, our America, has... Continue Reading →

Just Updates

My family calls my sister ninja. She comes in and out of our family's group chat when we least expect it. We are often surprised of her presence. And I, taking a cue from her, have done that this week.... Continue Reading →

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