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January 2017

Adoption Sacrifices

This adoption process has become a fun journey. I can't stop thinking about all of the possibilities. Good, bad, fun, sad. Everything.¬†We've spent the last few weeks researching and cleaning the home for preparation. Everything that we have learned is... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to a Younger Me

Today is the start of my bi-annual 30-day blog blast. I figured to start it off with something to keep me a bit motivated through 2017. I've said it so many times: this last year has been an incredible year... Continue Reading →


Some series of events have led to once again a time where anxiety and fear has crippled me. 02/01-2/12. Those days can't come soon enough. Or end even faster. I remember a time those feelings weren't associated here. Or ever.... Continue Reading →

We Are Survivors

I didn't sleep last night. I tossed and turned because I could only think about this post. On a night that I should be happy about speaking out - even a subtle as I did. It has taken years for... Continue Reading →

POTUS, Welcome

This isn't going to be a political debate. That isn't the purpose of the post. It isn't the purpose to explain who I did and didn't vote for. It isn't the purpose to bash the candidates. It isn't to bash... Continue Reading →

Home is Where The Heart Is

I grew up in a lot of different places. People ask me if I was a military child since it's easily assumed with all my relocations. I proudly tell them, "No. My parents were nomads." It isn't far from the... Continue Reading →

Adoption Research

When I first posted that Jeremy and I were going to go through the adoption process there was an overwhelming support from people. I got a lot of messages, comments, text that displayed so much love and support. I was... Continue Reading →

Unsettled Heart

It has been a day. A week. I've been trying to shake depression off. It has been a while since I've really been affected. During the holidays it was a little hard but I was able to shake it off.... Continue Reading →

Power of Love

I'm reading this booked called Delicious! written by Ruth Reichl. I'm a wannabe foodie so a book about a girl who loves to write and loves food was right up my alley. I started it months ago but because of... Continue Reading →

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