When I first posted that Jeremy and I were going to go through the adoption process there was an overwhelming support from people. I got a lot of messages, comments, text that displayed so much love and support. I was incredibly humbled, I still am. I wanted to take this time and thank you all. I’ve always known I was supported but to that degree? Wow. Just, wow.

And the journey continues.

I know there is a lot to do in getting cleared to adopt or foster more so for both. But, these last few weeks has really been a time to listen. I’ve read so many articles about other people’s experience with their journey. I’ve read so many fears, so many joys, so many decisions. My husband and I have been talking about everything. What are our fears? What are our joys? What decisions have we made and still need to make?

Someone told me it was a burden what I am going through. When they told me that all I could think of was, is it? Is it a burden to do this, to walk with my husband through this process to prove to a child or children that they are loved?  Is it a burden to be scrutinized by agencies, by the state to ensure you are the right fit for your soon to be family? Is it a burden to go through the paperwork, check things off a list to make things right, to get all your ducks in a row? I appreciate the process. I know if for any reason I was looking for a forever home for my child I would want the adoptive parents/family to be scrutinized. Can they love my child? Provide for my child? This isn’t a burden. Rather, the means to an amazing beginning.

A friend from Boise introduced me to a Facebook group for Domestic Adoption. The group has been a resource of information. My questions are being answered daily about anything to do with adoption. There is an incredible wealth of information which is a blessing. We don’t now much people who have adopted and to have a group of people at the touch of my thumbs is incredibly motivating. I’ve always heard it takes a village. They are my village. I’m glad I am a part of the group. I am capable of getting through this journey because of their support and the support of others.

The more that I research this journey the more I read about people who didn’t regret the journey. I don’t think it is a burden to walk this journey with my husband. From the moment we made this decision it has brought us closer. I do think it is a lot of work. I can’t wait for it to be over because  I can hold our little one and let them know that while the adoption took time the love was instant. xoxo