It has been a very eventful weekend. I couldn’t sleep tonight for many reasons. And so instead I returned home to write. I can’t tell you it makes sense. Or that it’s even good. Whatever it is, it is.

Sometimes I can recognize what is going to happen or what is taken place. Other times I am naive to think this world is a safe place. But, when your guard is down, when you are content with the world around you you come to realize that everything is not what they seem. You see, when you least expect it you realize that everyone has secrets. Some choose those secrets to protect you. Some choose those secrets to hide in shame. Some choose those secrets because they have no where else to go.

And those that have to live through those secrets become the conquerors, the bearers, the carriers of them. Broken. Fought for. Fought with. Fought against. Restructured. Reclaimed. Redone. Maybe that is my problem?

I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s late. I’ve yet to sleep. I need to be up in less than 4 hours. I do hope Super Sunday brings in this Super Storm. I can use a white slate. xoxo

She Is

She is a confidant
When the broken falls apart
Praying to understand
The sensitized heart
With a grasped hand
She stands in agreement
For the joys of one’s heart
And dissipated grievance

She is a woman
Bounded by regret
Of the lives entangled
Of the hurt she’s met
She cries in anguish
For the agitated mind
Wanting both she cannot have
One left behind

She is a lover
A fighter to the death
Giving all that she can give
With every passing breath
Her eyes unblinded
To the hurt in the world
A willingness to love
Undimmed and pearled

She is a fighter
Chosen by her actions
Choosing her strength
Through the attraction
Though love may hover
A path has been chosen
Another goodbye
Another heart broken

She is a forgiver
Though hurt is nothing new
Her shattered heart
Colored with every hue
Even when depleted
She forgave with her heart
Her love unaltered
Even when at guard

She is what you’ve made her
Don’t you agree
Stronger and greater
She is she