I was once told that everyone has a chapter that they don’t read out loud. The only thing that I can say to that is #truth. Something will always be unfinished. Always. But, choosing happy is the best thing now.

Quiet Secrets

The world is quiet tonight
And I long to be right there
Where the world seemed to stop
Where my soul became bare
No substance to sway me
No anger or fear
Every action that was taken
Done with no tear
And here I am again
Secrets behind the truth
Cradling what I hold so tight
For fear I will lose

The world is quiet tonight
As I listen to the clock’s seconds
Fighting anxious tremors
That’s caused by that night’s end
The secrets we tell ourselves
Can never be discovered
For if the truth of our secrets showed
We’d be caught like two lovers

The world is quiet tonight
As my heart skips in rhythm
Life has too many choices
These secrets will take me with them