You know what my favorite thing is in the world? Being in love. Don’t get me wrong there are so many things that are my favorite: Carrie, Country, basketball, food, girls night out, probably more food. But, being in love is icing on the proverbial cake. 

I have love on my brain. Enraptured in it. Not that it’s a bad thing – like I said, I love being in love. So, I decided to write a poem about our first kiss. This is what happens when I’m exhausted I think of all the mushy feelings and stuff. I think about my baby, my sweetheart, my lover.

To all the lovers out there. xoxo

When You Kissed Me

It started with conversations
With laughter to understand
Who we were together
A grab of a hand

A relationship personified
Of our story, expressed
With our first encounter
With our beating chests

Everything happens
For a reason and cause
Though the answers unknown
We shall not take pause

The present they say
Shall live in the moment
For the fullness of life
For every enjoyment

So we answered the moment
With our first kiss
The act slowly at first
A passionate bliss

Who would have known
Such a simple act
A bathroom secret
Emotions attacked

Hearts pounding, on fire
Feelings uncovered
A secret unearthed
Of two budding lovers

The kiss that changed life
With so much pleasure
Growing a romance
That cannot be measured

Our love defined
A secret set free
The moment when
You finally kissed me


I know winter will probably never end but that won’t stop me on remembering the amazing moments summer brought.