There is so much I want to say. But, how? How can I effectively articulate both a heart filled with love and a heart bleeding in anguish? How do I explain being happy and sad? How do I bring to comprehension my aching heart and my grounded mind? How?

By making a choice.

Besides God he his the center of my universe. The best thing that has ever happened to me. Some will not agree with my choice. Some will be hurt by my choice. But, the fact remains, it is my choice.  xoxo

The Choice

Fear can make you choose
Though you don’t understand
Compromised with angst
A love unable to expand
I tried for transparency
Of person I’ve become
The truth would set me free
Though I knew the outcome
So now secretly I sit
To avoid losing you
Without being discontented
Until it happens again
And I’m tugged at my heart
With my heart on my sleeves
That’s always the start
When it happens
I fight with my soul
For losing you
Is never my goal
I am who I am
But you’re the love of my life
My best friend and confidant
I love being your wife
So I bury my feelings
Until my heart calms
Conquering this life
Your love a balm
Fear makes a choice
But the decision is mine
This is our life
I’ll choose you every time

This, however, does need to be made clear, ti amo J.