This blog is all about helping us to better ourselves. And I’ve learned this last year that while I’m not one who really works hard on her appearance (mainly because I just don’t know how) having confidence in the way you look goes a long way. Which is why I’m excited to give you my product review on Hubble Contacts. 

I’m a contact wearer through and through. Outside of my family there are very few people who have seen me in my glasses. This is mostly because I’m vain – I’m almost certain of that. I think I look like an absolutely dork in them so I reserve my glasses for those who have no option but to stay (I kid on this mostly). I really just get headaches when using my glasses. I get enough headaches as it is so less glasses = less headaches. I’m all for it.

Hubble Contacts showed up on my Facebook news feed. I don’t know what I was looking at that made it a sponsored ad but I’m really glad it did.

I did my research on Hubble. I searched for three weeks for other reviews. I found a few YouTubers that liked it. I found a few articles with comments on these contacts. If I could find as much information as possible I would be able to go to my hubby to sell the product to him. With all the product reviews, then the cost analysis I brought it all to my husband ready to be purple in the face fighting for what I wanted. I didn’t have to. The cost savings alone sold him.

The actual review…

Hubble Contacts has a really cute and springy website. The website is easy to read, very user friendly, and is backed by names like Vogue, Mashable and GQ.

The packaging works. The box it was shipped with was a little Pearl proof in the beginning but after I finally figured it out I opened up to find two really cute springy boxes. I loved the color schemes, which made me feel light.

Each box represents your right and left. In my case it doesn’t matter since the strength is the same on each eye. But, the colored boxes make it easier. They also have it labeled “L” and “R” just in case…

When you open the boxes the lens themselves come in packaging that was first hard to rip. Not rip open. Five lenses of three complete a package. The five lenses can be separated by the perforated edges of each lens case. The perforation isn’t that great as the first time I ripped into the second, then third lens. It’s a good thing I have the same strength. I ended up using lens 2 and 3 because I ripped them open. Once the foiled cover is ripped up the compartment that holds the lens isn’t completely circular like all other lens cases I’ve had. Instead, they designed part of the compartment to be a shallow dip (is that the right description?) to be able to just slide the thin lens out.

Then you put a contact in your eye. We. Got. A. Winner. Hubble claims their contacts “are designed to provide sharp vision and all-day comfort. You’ll see everything without feeling anything.” They don’t lie. The first day I put my contact in I realized that the lens was thin, air and didn’t dry out my eyes. That’s the most important thing. With Sjogren’s I have to fight dry eyes. With Hubble, the lightness of the lens keeps my eyes from drying out. I can’t go wrong there.

Other than the packaging issues I love my Hubble Contacts. I’ve used it three days in a row – I know, it’s a little early in the product review but, I wouldn’t change it for a second. Paying $3 for the first 15 days, then $30/month for 30 (or 31) days worth of contacts? Based on how great the lens feels, and how green the packaging is (literally everything recycled) I’m gonna be a lifelong subscriber.

These contacts make me feel good. It’s thin enough to not feel it and durable enough to keep me going all day. I’d definitely recommend it. xoxo

04/17/17 Update: Go here if you want to hear more on my review of Hubble Contacts. You know, after I actually completed the trial offer.