Everywhere I’ve worked they stress wellness. I can understand considering today’s generation is considerably either out of shape or in some degree overweight. I, unfortunately, fit into both categories. And let me tell you, it really sucks. We had our first actual softball practice on Sunday. And I will admit my body hurts. Muscles that haven’t been used in such a long time have been screaming displeasure for the last two days. And my busted knee, well thanks to the lack of a brace I tweaked it enough for it to hate me. Slow. Clap.

I needed a good laugh today and since I’m late to post my Monday blog I figure I keep things lighthearted and post something.

Here are the best ways to stay out of shape at 33…

  1. When you join your church softball league absolutely, positively don’t do any cardio unless you absolutely have to. I mean, there’s not much running in baseball…errr softball right? Someone, please agree. I need my muscles to be on my side again.
  2. Always have a stash of chocolate or some kind of goodness somewhere. I currently have a bag of almond kisses in my desk drawer. I also have a bag of Snickers and Twix in my work box that is still sitting in the middle of my hallway, over two weeks after I left my job. That doesn’t include the cute basket of snacks that are up for grabs for any visitors, the small koa bowl with my favorite lollipops and the other cabinet-able snacks above the sink. Yup, I got this down to a science.
  3. Eat healthy lunches and dinners but don’t forget to treat yourself. You know the tag line in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Frost yourself. Please don’t take that literal. I mean, if you want to, you do you. But, personally that’s way too much sugar. In all fairness though, if you’re eating healthy you deserve to treat yourself and celebrate the small successes right?
  4. Buy yourself a cool exercising gizmo, use it for about two weeks, start seeing the progress, then stop. Then a few weeks later promise yourself that you’re gonna get with it and start up again. But, don’t. This really didn’t happen to me, I just got sick. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.
  5. Find a work out partner and motivate each other to not work out. Yup, thanks hubby for the incredible motivation! Let’s go to the gym? Uh, but my knee hurts. Let’s take the dogs to the dog park? Well, that means we would have to give them a bath after and we still have dinner to make. Let’s take advantage of the sun and go for a walk? Ya, sure, but the sun is too hot and I don’t want to flare up.
  6. Care enough about your health and get all the vitamins and supplements you need to help keep your body in tip top shape. Then take them only when you remember AND only when you’re not inconvenienced to take them. What was the purpose of the daily pill container again?
  7. When life throws you a curve ball and things are unraveling take five shots of tequila and eat a half gallon of rocky road ice cream. In any order. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. No alcohol available to you? Even better! Sit your booty in front of the TV and eat that whole half gallon of rock road ice cream. By. Yourself.

Oh trust me, friend, there is more fun times that goes with these seven easy tips. But, I figure the best way for you to actually stay unfit is to find your own how to’s. Enjoy. xoxo