From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



40 Chews

I got sick again. I know, no surprise there. The hubby took me to the Old Spaghetti Factory for some dinner and I realized something was seriously wrong with my throat. It was on fire and I couldn't swallow. Not... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Thankfulness

As I breezed through the month of November I made sure, like others, to be thankful. Thankful for life, love and happiness. Thankful for pain, distress, and sadness. Thankful for growth, loss and everything in between. Like fall the seasons of... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Migraines

Really, the all time truth about migraines is... They. Bloody. Suck. You can end your reading right now if you want because, honestly, there really isn't getting around that one fact. I spent most of my day yesterday battling a... Continue Reading →


The one thing I love about watching the NFL in October is that their uniforms dawn pink for the annual awareness of Breast Cancer. The White House also painted their walls pink earlier this month to bring awareness to Breast... Continue Reading →

For The Love Of…A Positive Self Image

It's no secret I'm not too fond of the way my  body looks. I can point the finger as far as the reasonings to it. But, ultimately, it's up to me to conquer those stupid thoughts and I embarked on... Continue Reading →

The Art of Being Out of Shape

Everywhere I’ve worked they stress wellness. I can understand considering today’s generation is considerably either out of shape or in some degree overweight. I, unfortunately, fit into both categories. And let me tell you, it really sucks. We had our... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to a Younger Me

Today is the start of my bi-annual 30-day blog blast. I figured to start it off with something to keep me a bit motivated through 2017. I've said it so many times: this last year has been an incredible year... Continue Reading →

Take Time To Rest

Society sets a standard that if you aren't busy you aren't successful. If you aren't going after it you aren't "the man." I never really thought I lived my life with that mentality. But, after staying home all week last week... Continue Reading →

Holding On To Faith

I can't tell you why you're walking through this valley I can't tell you just how long you've gotta stay I can't tell you why your heart feels so unsettled or when this all will change But I can tell... Continue Reading →

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