The other day I stood in the kitchen making dinner. I was craving curry and with the flu running rampant within my friends’ families and strep in my house I needed something that would help kick the bugs away. Jeremy had made chicken noodle soup whilst I was a sicko and it was my turn to return the favor. As I prepped in the kitchen all I could wonder was when was the last time I actually cooked for my husband?

As I made dinner I wanted to cry because I couldn’t remember happily slaving over the stove for him. Actually, I couldn’t remember doing anything nice for him in a long, long time. And my heart broke. How could I say I love this man with every fiber in my being and not speak to him in his love language, not show him how much I love and appreciate him?

So today this Father’s Day I want to tell my husband how incredibly sorry I am for being selfish, stubborn, disrespectful and unappreciative. While he will swear up and down I really aren’t any of those, I am. And every single day I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have the best life partner a girl could ever need.

This Father’s Day I want to express how grateful I am to have someone like him. He is the father of our angel babies. He is patient and he is kind. He is never quick to speak in anger and though not a man of many words, uses the words he does speak to build me up.

This Father’s Day I want to give a shout out to my husband who is funny and serious and crazy all at the same time. I laugh at his inability to hold a beat. I cry at the thoughtfulness when he sets out a candlelit dinner. I hold my sides watching him do some of the stupidest things a man can do. There is never a dull moment in life with him.

This Father’s Day I can’t tell you how incredibly lucky this girl is to be loved, adored and cherished by him. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have a confidant who always helps to remind me that God is in control. I can’t tell you how privileged I am to be able to be called his wife, his lover, his best friend. He’s my perfect match.

Every day we get so busy with life but he never gets too busy to take care of me, to love me. He never gets too tired to hold my hand and hug me and ask me about my day. He never gets to a point of being unavailable to me. I, unfortunately, fail to be half the spouse that he is.

Luga, my love for you grows stronger every day. Thank you for being the only man who can take all of this and help turn blossom all my faults into something good.

Happy Father’s Day zucchero. To the moon and back. xoxo