I can’t believe the 2017 school year is up. Well, I can. But, I almost feel at a loss. Today, I will walk into the Rainbows class and be Ms. Pearls for the last time this year, the time has finally come to an end. While I’m gonna welcome the Wednesday night rest for the next few months I’m going to miss the 15 kiddos that made me realize that there is life after Jackson and that I can love again.

We’ll be having a party tonight and on Sunday our final rewards program. Since I am not good with standing on the stage to pour my heart, and quite frankly there isn’t time to do so, I’m doing it here.

Gracey – You became my flashlight in a position I was really uncomfortable in. In a sense, I took your lead to get to know your friends and you took my hand and helped me fly. I’m enjoying watching the little girl you’re becoming.

Elliot – your kind heart and comical faces had me enjoying my Wednesdays. Your excitement in explaining what you did that day always has my heart laughing. Watching you snack, enjoying each morsel of food piece by piece is always fun to watch.

Charlotte – oh my dear girl, there is never a dull moment in class when you are there. Your imagination is colorful and active. High in energy and sass but also in endearment and laughter.

Linkin – You have one of the most precious smiles. You are never shy in giving hugs and you always seem to know just when I need it. I love how you love God. Love your mom. Love your cousins. Love life. Thank you in sharing that with me.

Abigail – You were always the quieter one. Content to play with the doll house or with your friends. You are such a big sister always helping with Lincoln. I am going to miss you as you move into the Daisies.

Jeremiah – I think you were the one that honored me with the name Ms. Pearls. I’m always excited to see what antics you have up your sleeve each night. You’re quick on your feet and smooth with your words. It is always fun.

Alyssa – my little helper. You were always so happy to help out no matter what task there was to do. Though you came in later, I’ve appreciated you so much in my class.

Jaxon – Action Jaxon! You have been a pleasure to have in class. At times you were quite, other times not so much. But you always listened when spoken to and never gave me a hard time.

Nova – Little Miss Sunshine. I don’t know why I see you that way but I do. You twirl and smile and laugh. You are always happy and on days when its rough to be there, it is such a blessing. to have you Also, thanks for the #2 wiping practice.

Grayson – buddy you did it! It has been quite a ride. Your high octane energy was a handful but I believe that during your time as a Rainbow we helped you develop into the amazing boy I know you will be. I’m proud of you kiddo.

Maggie – Soft spoken but know how to make your feelings known. We had you in class for such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to see the little girl you become singing and loving Jesus.

Lincoln – I’m so proud of you. I remember at the start of the year when you couldn’t stay in class. But now, you come in and you play and participate in the lessons. You talk so much now too. So very proud.

Natalie – My spit fire. How do I sum up such a fiery personality? You have been a hoot in class and out of class. I love all of your hugs and feelings of inclusion. Especially those hugs.

Reuben – You’re the little man in the class and it has always been fun to watch you learn new things. It’s been an honor to be a part of that learning process. I’m excited to see what the next year will bring.

Aliviah – I wish we had more time in class with you! Thank you for never giving me a hard time and always being kind and respectful to me and the class.

Happy Rainbows Graduation, Charlie Belle, Abby, Alyssa, Grayson and Maggie. We will miss you! xoxo