With the whole baby proofing in our home came a lot of hours of training on how to be a parent. This included First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogen Training. We cover adults and children, but what we don’t cover are our animals. Ok, to be fair, I’m being trained to be a licensed parent to a human child so of course they wouldn’t train you to be prepared for a fur baby emergency.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.

I’m a Pinterest fanatic. Yes, there, I said it. I actually had another word for it but I figure I spare my husband the embarrassment. I have a crap load of boards for literally everything. And if that isn’t enough, I continue pinning things to each board or you know, create new boards. I have a board called Bus and Bax. As a fur mama and a wannabe hippie (yes, Fathead, I admit it) I created the board to find ways to keep them healthy naturally. It became a board of everything under the sun. But, I found out on Sunday, creating that board was the best thing I could have done.

You see, my big dog Bax, pictured below, decided that three hours after his normal feeding time was far too late to be fed so he had to inhale his food.

My husband was the first to notice. Bax was  being unusually clumsy as he started to wobble and fall into things as if he was losing consciousness. That put us into motion to check on him. He was choking. Let me tell you, as a fur mama, seeing your baby like that is the scariest thing in the world.

And this is why I can’t tell y’all how important it is to know some basic first aid for your fur pets. I’ve learned a lot from Pinterest and I’m thankful I enjoy learning because I wouldn’t know what I’d do if we couldn’t dislodge that chunk of food from his throat. So, here’s my admonition to you: always be ready to save your fur babies.

Go on pinterest and start your own board. Or read up on things. Here are a few things to help you:

Know the Doggy Heimlich


Know Doggy CPR


Know Small Doggy/Cat CPR


Know Animal First Aid

first aid

Jeremy and I actually have a first aid kit for Buster and Bax too. Just in case. Maybe I’m just paranoid now. My husband would say so since I wake up in the middle of the night to feel Baxter’s chest to make sure he’s breathing. But, you know, he’s my pup. I’d do the same for my human child if something like that happened.

This is really nothing motivational but more of a public service announcement. I encourage you today to know how to help your fur babies in a crisis. I know my pup can’t verbally thank me and Jeremy for saving his life. But, I know just how much it meant to him. Save a pup. Save a life. xoxo