I’ve been a bit MIA because it has been a crazily amazing month of January! Usually by the first week of the month I know what my focus is for my For the Love of series. This month it changed a lot. But, that’s the beauty of new beginnings, fresh starts, new chapters, firsts.

A first for me? Doing the Whole30. Like a lot of other humans out there my goal this year was to be a little healthier. I started a health journey back in September losing over 20 lbs so far. I realized through that journey I’ve gained more energy, my sleep became more regulated, my body more regulated, and the most important – I felt better about myself. The Whole30 intensified that by helping me to eat cleaner and more conscientious. And so, in January the journey to a healthier me began.

For me, there is always a kicker.

January also ushered in my first comicon. Heroes and Villains really but the gist is the same. Imagine being in a hall where no one cares about the Whole30. They’re too busy in cosplay, meeting creatures big and small (hello Groot!), meeting creators of those creatures, and meeting the people who play the characters created. Thanks to K, I was able to say no to the glow of happy dance food. And thanks to my amazing husband I had a meet and greet with Emily Bett Rickardsnorth star (great in acting,  singing and believes you don’t need to be the ‘patriarchal’ definition of strong to be strong) and Stephen Amell (great actor and philanthropist). January ushered in total fangirl-dom.

With Whole30 came food tryouts. January had me eating cauliflower (it was actually good), coconut amino and sweet potato. I also got to bite into perfectly cooked scallops (I’ve only eaten scallops prepared by me and I’m convinced Chef Ramsey would tell me to shut it down) and (I still feel kind bad) rabbit. It had me back in the kitchen prepping meals that I wasn’t sure would come out. And sharing recipes for those that did.

I got my kiddos excited about stars. I’ve been a stars kind of girl since I was young. There was always something about the constellations that called me. It has always brought me peace. And being able to incorporate my passion for the stars and God to my Rainbows kids was amazing. While they learned how Jesus is our North Star they learned about the north star in the sky. They also got to try their hands finding their first star through a telescope. We failed because of a cloudy sky, but they had an amazing time.

All the newness of 2018 had me inspired and motivated. But, chapter January really started when it inaugurated my husband and I as mama and daddy to a little one. Here is when the greatest storyline began. First blowouts, first throw up, first laugh, first smile, first bath, first save the baby. January brought a first I’ve failed as a parent, first we’re excelling as parents, first what the hell is that baby item, and first tug at our heart moment.

I look back at the month and my heart and life is full. Amazing friends and family helped us to live out this amazing month with so many firsts. A new year, a great start to the first month. I believe 2018 is going to escort us into so many more firsts, filling our lives with richness and blessings. I’m thanking God today for all of the experiences that had me living in the now. And thanking God today because the best is yet to come.


For the love of self I welcomed in firsts, living in the moment of my January chapter. xoxo