I’m sitting here today and there are so many things buzzing in my head. The voices always having fun. Okay, for the record I may be crazy but I really don’t have voices in my head just in case you were wondering. Today all I can think of is the word relapse. Mainly because I’m still battling this wretched cold that mysteriously showed up two days after Christmas. I thought I was getting better then this past Friday I went home throwing up and feverish. Talk about a relapse. This is probably one of the worst types of relapses, the dreaded your body feels so icky and you just want to get better but you can’t feeling. #screwyoupneumonia

So, relapse. Relapse. According to dictionary.com relapse means to fall or slip back into a former state or practice. How quickly does one give up on their New Year’s resolution? Have you given up on yours? Have you relapsed? 

I don’t know where I’m going with this. It really isn’t all about New Year’s resolutions. I mean, I’m doing great on mine. I set up my reading list, got all the books, and on my first adventure with it. I have a meal plan that incorporates a plethora of new foods that I’m excited to try. And after nearly two years of staring at my dad’s guitar, I’ve taken the steps to learn.

With that said, two weeks into the new year I can’t help but think about wanting to become someone better. But, what about the old habits that sometimes can easily be fallen back into place? When you try to break a habit one small slip can easily take everything you worked toward fall to the wayside. Like a run in at a business lobby of a once you thought of good friend. Or the feeling of let down because the people you used to think of as family you see struggling because you moved on. Or when you hear that song on the radio that you sing to the top of your lungs even when you shouldn’t.



What do you do when you start falling into old habits?

I’ve realized old habits die hard. And the only thing that can keep me from falling back onto those habits is the motivation of why. Relapse is inevitable. But, why are you breaking the old habit? What is pushing you, inspiring you, motivating you to build a better you? That is what is going to take the relapse to just an afterthought. For me, the change is because I want to be a better person. To be a better woman. To be a better role model. To help change the world.

Relapse? Naw. I’m not going to let a cold stop me. A stranger ruin my job. Won’t let old coworkers hating their jobs make me feel guilty. Or, find a silly reason to hate a perfectly amazing song. I know that we are what we continuously do. Success isn’t about acting, its creating a good habit. In order to break a bad habit you have to start a new one. Habits change into character. Don’t relapse. Build your brand, your you. Don’t wait. If not now, when?