My story isn’t complicated and yet it has so much twists and turns. Some days I wish the twists and turns would in fact be linear. Wishful thinking. 

This poem was written about the start of a relationship. A relationship that starts by chance, continues untraditionally, with an apex of two people falling without even knowing. Or at least knowing and trying to not. That’s the glittery part of a relationship isn’t it? Figuring everything out, the butterflies in your stomach, the can’t eat and sleep, can’t breathe but can’t wait to talk or see them again?

The hubster likes it but he’s VERY partial. I could be writing about turd and he’d think it’s the best thing ever written. I love the support from him.

Anyway, enjoy. Tell me how I can be better at this poem writing thing. xoxo


The first time I saw you
I was caught by your smile
An introduction made
Our hearts would defile
A first dance
A first drink
A first hug
A first wink

Talking became normal
Laughing a must
Camaraderie built
Secrets entrust
A first late night call
A first invitation
A first awkward moment
A first heart dilation

Friendship into more
Without awareness
No strings collected
We were so careless
A first night of freedom
A first night of bliss
A first of many
A first reminisce

So many firsts
I’ll always remember
Every moment
Since that night in December