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For the Love of 2018

I tried to find a word that could sum up 2018. Inconsistent. Blessed. Erratic. Hopeful. Exhausting. Adventuresome. Roller coaster. Growth Emotional. Truth be told, finding a word to sum up the year is nearly impossible.  We entered this year with... Continue Reading →

Hey All! Wanted to make sure I let you all knowing that I created a new blog, Flores Adoption Adventures, to document the journey my husband and I are on to grow our family. I've been thinking a great deal... Continue Reading →

Adoption Paperwork

Oi, will the paperwork ever end? I guess that's where you really start. Sure,  there is the agency research and the endless hours reading literally everything you can about fostering and adopting but the paperwork is where the ball begins... Continue Reading →

Adoption Babbling

This is a long road. A journey so worth the struggles, but, man it's been tough. We have completed more than half of the initial training required and have two more classes to go before we can submit our paperwork. But,... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Our Child

As of 9a this past Friday morning we started the journey we long have waited for. Friday morning we sat at a table, with others on the same path as us, learning how to be "caregivers." And tonight we will continue this... Continue Reading →

Adoption Training

It is here. The journey has officially started. As you read this Jeremy and I are either in class or sitting at home taking everything we learned in. And as I sit here this morning thinking about this entire journey... Continue Reading →

Adoption Sacrifices

This adoption process has become a fun journey. I can't stop thinking about all of the possibilities. Good, bad, fun, sad. Everything. We've spent the last few weeks researching and cleaning the home for preparation. Everything that we have learned is... Continue Reading →

The Adoption Journey

I alluded to it on the last two posts but my husband and I are considering adoption. Two years ago we were well on our way – well, not really. We talked with agencies and was preparing for classes and... Continue Reading →

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