It’s my anniversary. My 12 year anniversary to be exact. It has been a long 12 years – not in a way that will bring on complete regret. Rather, 12 years of learning. Tonight, in an effort to do something different we decided to stay in and create a meal. He and I love watching cooking shows. He and I love food – I mean what real person doesn’t? He and I love trying something new. In an effort to go out of my comfort zone this year I suggested we cook. And cook we did. 

Tonight wasn’t really about the food. Or the celebration of our 12 years of marriage. Rather, tonight was about taking a dream and going on an adventure. It was about reducing the fears of something out of the norm and making it worthwhile. It was about reducing the stress of life and living in the moment. It was about reducing the negativity and flying.


Life can be filled with so many little surprises. A lot of those little surprises are scary and negative. But, without battling those surprises, without facing them you don’t find your dreams. Even if your dreams change – mine did, like every year. Finding the scary moments as you take a step each time toward fulfilling your dreams brings you on an adventure to a world full of possibilities. Don’t be scared, my loves, to the point that it stops you from living your life. Take life by the horns and run, fly, leap across the obstacles that is life and live and dream. Go on an adventure that challenges your dreams and awakens your soul. Dare to dream, my loves, and dream big.